TAVOLI (Perchè queste mani mi toccano)

interactive video installation

Ambiente sensibile

Milan, Triennale, Oltre il villaggio globale, 1995
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Six tables, six seemingly still figures: a woman lying down, a fly buzzing over a tabletop, a drop of water obsessively falling into a bowl. This sensation of apparent calm is suddenly disrupted when anyone touches the image: women react, came to life, and a small part of their stories become unfolded. The relationship between what is real and what is virtual was tested on everyday experiences, without any apparent technological ‘interface’ – space was broken up, what was virtual and what was physical become one and the same thing. The significance of this work lay in the shift experienced by the image, that from being a simple object of contemplation became a direct source of experience that compelled the spectator to interact with it.

Descrizione tecnica

6 videoprojectors , 6 sensitive tables, 6 CD-I, 1 PC


Concept Fabio Cirifino, Paolo Rosa
Director Paolo Rosa
Director collaborator Paolo Ranieri
Photography Fabio Cirifino
Camera operator Mario Coccimiglio
Video editing Fanny Molteni, Paolo Ranieri
Sounds and music R. Benucci, A. Rigratti
Interactive and technological system Stefano Roveda
Performer Angela Parmigiani