Ambiente sensibile

Torino, Mole Antonelliana, 1995
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In the centre of the space there is a partially unrolled piece of felt, a kind of large carpet – the projected images form a weave that seems to replace the symbols and images found in a traditional carpet decoration. The carpet as nomad territory, as a meeting place, as a status symbol for secular or spiritual power, all this is overlain with a new cosmography of inert bodies that are ready to react as we pass, a metaphor for a world order that is always being trampled on by the feet of those in power. A foot steps on a figure trampling it – it reacts, it moves, and lets out a shout. Various feet cross a space, trampling many figures that break up, raise their voices. Gradually a “choir” is brought to life through the movements of the bodies.

Descrizione tecnica

Interactive videoinstallation, 9 projector, 18 speaker audio, 9 videodisk, 1 PC


Concept Fabio Cirifino, Paolo Rosa 
Director Paolo Rosa 
Photography Fabio Cirifino 
Camera operators Riccardo Apuzzo, Mario Coccimiglio 
Editing video Alberto Morelli 
Sound and music Davide Rosa 
Technological and interactive systems Stefano Roveda 
Performers F. Abenavoli, M. Annunziata, F. Apuzzo, R. Apuzzo, C. Aricò, S. Badjc, L. Barazzetti, S. Bigazzi, A. Bondio, M. Caiazzo, A. Citterio, C. De Angelis, C. Giorgi, I. Kerechi, L. Molteni, A. Parmigiani, S. Petri, S. Polinoro, A. Puppin, D. Sala, G. Sala, D. Sgalippa, M. Sgalippa
Ethno-archeologicalconsulting Giulio Calegari