Due quadri scenici dall'opera The Cenci


Rome, Castel Sant'Angelo, "L'assenza invadente del divino", 2000

« Origine » and « Deposizione » develop a fragmentof The Cenci, an opera based on a text by Antonin Artaud with music by Giorgio Battistelli presented at the Almeida Theatre in London 1997. The fragment of the opera in question refers to the moment when Count Cenci, the despotic father, confesses to the killing of his two male sons in a room in his palace. As the drama proceeds on stage, two pictures on the walls are animated in such a way as to contradict Cenci's words and evoke a place of death (Mantengna's Dead Christ) and a place of life (Courbet's The Origin of the World). In order to achieve a credible yet estranged mimesis, the actors in the video were asked to act backwards, starting from the end of each scene, so that the action could then be reserved during editing in such as a way that their gestures which seem natural at first glance, on closer inspection reveal themselves to be totally unnatural, as if the characters had just been freed from the oils and pigments of the painting and released from centuries of immobility. The Miniatures are a collection of short videos selected from materials used in opera performances in which Studio Azzurro has involved and composed of images which are part of often complex multimedia shows


Descrizione tecnica

The Miniatures are short videos which are extracted from materials used in theatrical works of Studio Azzurro.
Videos are made with images that often have a small role in the complex construction of a multimedia show


3 video projectors
2 satin screens
3 DVD players
1 stone basin


Project: Studio Azzurro;
director: Paolo Rosa;
director of photography: Fabio Cirifino;
editing: Paolo Ranieri;
assistant director: Davide Sgalippa;
cameramen: Riccardo Apuzzo and Mario Coccimiglio;
music performed by: The Almeida Esemble, directed by David Parry;
cast: actors of "L'Arrocco";
production: Studio Azzurro and Almeida Opera