In viaggio attraverso cinque paesaggi instabili

Ambiente sensibile

Naples, Castel Sant'Elmo, 2002

This exhibition was built around five great “unsteady” landscapes that epitomise the stages of a proper itinerary into the senses and locations of the Mediterranean. It is the result of a journey made in an area where the accumulation of signs originates from the extraordinary, tormented charm of its territory, but also from the ancient wealth of its cultures and from the mixture of races, religions and customs of the people who live around this sea. Among the many differences, this research tackles the notion of the ideal genetic code of a layered common identity made of primary elements: matters, sounds, colours, gestures, processes, and relationships. When placed one beside the other, these elements generate landscapes and shape active sceneries: hence here are video installations, interactive devices that use the language of technology to foster the viewer’s participation in the experience, inviting him/her to share the multiple questions offered by this journey. All of this in the proactive view that «the Mediterranean is a becoming, a hope, not just an origin» (Adonis)

Descrizione tecnica

19  interactive video programs and 16 synchronised video programs


Concept Fabio Cirifino, Paolo Rosa
Director Paolo Rosa
Photography Fabio Cirifino
Camera operator Mario Coccimiglio
Camera operator collaborators Mariangela Romanò, Rocco Cirifino, Alice Rosa
3D and special effects Raul Sdrigotti, Vittorio Rossi de Rubeis, Francesco Paratici
Video editing Mara Colombo, Fanny Molteni, Mariangela Romanò
Sound and music editing Riccardo Castaldi, Tommaso Leddi
Interactive and technological System Stefano Roveda
Software development Orf Quarenghi, Samuele Vacchi, Giovanni Civati
Hardware development Luca Corti, Dario Gavezotti

Editorial editing Ciro Giorgini
Project co-ordinator Davide Sgalippa
Executive production Elisa Mendini
Executive productio collaborator Delphine Tonglet
General production Reiner Bumke
External collaboration Delphine Tonglet