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From mental hospital to territories health (1971-2009)


Trieste, 2009
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Franco Basaglia’s work and the utopia that was fulfilled as mental hospitals were shut down are key historical facts that can appeal to younger generations. In Trieste, Basaglia’s heritage generated events and shaped a net of health services. This bears witness to the contemporary relevance of the events of the late Seventies: the affirmation of the universal right to health and to respect from fellow human beings. The archive about Trieste’s mental hospital, which Basaglia directed from 1971 onwards, thus becomes an active process of construction of contemporary experience starting from the past, and not a simple act for the preservation of memory.

Beyond the Garden is a living archive, made of scattered, never-registered material from the mental hospital. Three interactive tables help documents resurface through keywords: photographs, videos, papers. The absence of a precise order breaks the pattern of traditional archives, thus making it possible to manipulate data and focus the interest on the most relevant details. Exhibits become traces to keep memory alive. Each visitor takes part in this collective memory: not only does s/he consult and learn, but s/he can also leave a voice comment, a piece of information, a vision. This memory is dynamic, evolving, and multi-faceted; it is a stimulus to reflect on the future. The experience of Franco Basaglia, who brought mental illness beyond the garden of mental hospitals, bears witness to how even seemingly impossible things can still take place.

2 video projectors
2 PCs
2 touch screen frames
4 loudspeakers
1 amplifier

Project by Studio Azzurro
Concept Paolo Rosa, Stefano Roveda
Art director Paolo Rosa
Video filming Rocco Cirifino, Mario Coccimiglio
Video post-production Mauro Macella
Graphic processing Francesca Gollo
Interactive and technological system Stefano Roveda
Software development Luca Iacobin, Alberto Massa, Giulio Pernice
Script editing and research Daniela Mezzela
Project coordinator and executive producer Lorenzo Calzeroni, Elisa Midali
General production Reiner Bumke
External relationship Daniela Mezzela

Tavolo di legno con documenti interattivi dell'ex manicomio di Trieste Sala con installazione interattiva sull'ex manicomio di Trieste Documento interattivo sull'ex manicomio di Trieste e busto velato sullo sfondo Documenti interattivi sull'ex manicomio di Trieste Busto velato