Installation about the Battle of Magenta - colours and microphone


posted in sensitive environments



A triptych about war, peace, and memory

sensitive environments

Magenta (MI), "Magenta and its red", 2009
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Red indicates eroticism, love, anger, but also the blood of war, the cloak of power, and the flames of hell. The strongest emotions of man have been associated with this colour, for it is the colour of heat and blood. But there is not just one red: purple, carmine, cardinal, scarlet, lacquer, crimson, cherry, rust, vermilion, terracotta, maroon, burgundy, coral, and magenta. Magenta: upon hearing this name, all the passions that characterize the colour red merge into the memory of an event, i.e., the Battle of Magenta, during the Second Independence War. These emotions come together in a single historical scenario.

You can hear the excited movement, the shots and shouts, the chariots ploughing into the ground, the thundering cannons. Magenta becomes colour and sound at a time. This synaesthesia in red traces the outline of the Magenta Variations project: a video installation where sound is strongly present (the term “variations” is used in music), developed into a triptych. Its themes are war, peace, and memory. At the centre of the environment, the video projections determine a powerful red dominant, while the interactive device engages the viewer in the narration told by the screens.

3 video projectors
3 holopro plates
3 PCs; 6 loudspeakers
1 subwoofer
1 microphone
3 amplifiers
1 camera
2 sensors of presence

Concept Paolo Rosa, Leonardo Sangiorgi
Director Paolo Rosa
Photography Fabio Cirifino
Shooting Rocco Cirifino, Mario Coccimiglio
Shooting assistant Ciro Rebuzzini
Video editing Thomas Molinari
Video post-production Mauro Macella
Graphic processing Francesca Gollo
Interactive and technological system Marco Barsottini
Software development Alessandro Capozzo
Sound and music Tommaso Leddi
Performers Associazione “Gruppo Storico Generale Cler– Magenta” (Alessandro Pizzi, Stefano Repossini, Luciano Mattana, Vittorio Scorpiniti, Luca Gariboldi, Mauro Gariboldi, Fabio Risso, Emiliano Scolari), Gruppo di ricostruzione storica “1° Rgt. Cacciatori a Cavallo - Real Italiano” (Gerardo Melissa,Daniele Chiveri, Gabriele Graziano), Associazione “Borgo Pontenuovo Gruppo Storico” (Eugenio Galeazzi, Matteo Ferdani, Isabella Lavazza, Walter Sarselli)
Technical exhibition stand project Daniele De Palma
Project coordinator and executive producer Elisa Midali
General production Reiner Bumke
External relationship Daniela Mezzela

Variazioni Magenta, installazione di Studio Azzurro Variazioni Magenta, installazione di Studio Azzurro Disegno di Studio Azzurro per il progetto di Variazioni Magenta Variazioni Magenta - silhouette di visitatori con microfono davanti allo schermo Proiezioni con volti in primo piano per Variazioni Magenta Proiezioni con volti in primo piano Disegno del progetto e riprese di soldati per Variazioni Magenta Soldati della battaglia di Magenta