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On the Woollen Thread


Pray (Biella), Fabbrica della ruota, 2005
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The exhibition path at Fabbrica della ruota (Wheel Works), a former wool mill now turned museum, is a part of the eco-museum of the Italian province of Biella and the site for the Textile Industry Documentation Centre. It was born on the occasion of an exhibition called On the Woollen Thread, curated by Philippe Daverio, and featuring staging by Studio Azzurro. Spread over three locations, the exhibition is about the history of wool and of its manufacturing in the Biella area.  It includes the permanent exhibits at Fabbrica della ruota and two temporary paths, located at the Local Territory Museum in Biella and at the premises of Pria Works, with a video installation called Always Starting from Scratch.

Inside the Fabbrica della ruota, looms, warpers, carding machines, shuttles and sacks of wool look like they stopped working just a few minutes ago. If it is true that places have memory and that objects can say something about those who used them, Studio Azzurro’s staging collects and tells these stories as images and sounds emerge from machinery. This choice makes it possible to appreciate cultural heritage in its complexity, without reducing it to single objects or episodes or cultural history.

The exhibition path winds among machines in a continuous interaction between the physical and the virtual. Divided into two bigger sections, this exhibition commemorates the history of Fabbrica della ruota through four video installations on the ground floor; the upper floor describes the relationship between the Biella area and the wool industry through five video installations about places, people, and working-class statements.

12 video projectors
6 holopro screens
12 PCs
22 loudspeakers
8 amplifiers
25 shaper spotlights

Project by Studio Azzurro
Concept Fabio Cirifino, Elisa Giardina Papa, Paolo Rosa
Director Elisa Giardina Papa
Photography Fabio Cirifino
Video filming Francesca Bana, Alice Rosa
Video editing Antonio Augugliaro, Laura Gatta, Silvia Pellizzari
Sound and music Tommaso Leddi
Video post production Marco Barsottini, Lorenzo Sarti
Interactive and technological system Stefano Roveda
Software development Alberto Massagli Bernocchi, Emanuele Siboni
Hardware development Alberto Massagli Bernocchi
Project coordinator and executive producer Laura D’Amore
General production Reiner Bumke
External relationship Delphine Tonglet

Telaio e proiezione di un volto in bianco e nero alla Fabbrica della Ruota Foto d'epoca e lavoro al telaio in un lanificio. Un orologio Foto d'epoca in un lanificio e delle proteste per i diritti dei lavoratori Telai e proiezioni dei lavoratori alla Fabbrica della Ruota Fabbrica della Ruota