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Sea Dreams and Scenarios


Genoa, Galata Sea Museum, 2004
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Commissioned for the election of Genoa as European Cultural Capital, this exhibition was designed as a movie developing within the spaces of the Galata Sea Museum in order to bring the extraordinary history of ocean liners back to life. A movie in three stages that becomes a scenario, a narration, a document, and an interactive post, making the visitor face his or her own imagination.

The exhibition path represents a liner journey in different epochs and comes with voice-overs substantiated by testimonies and movie footage. It begins with the embarkation of people and animals, followed by great parties, a dinner with the captain, and by enthusiasm over some records for the best courses. “But the sea is now tired of parties”, says a voice, and here looms tragedy. The light becomes blue, tales and explanations stop all of a sudden, sound becomes deafening. A virtual wave crashes against every environment, thus creating very evocative results. The journey goes on through time, with testimonies from the World Wars and windows on the life of ocean liners in the second half of the twentieth century.

The exhibition includes two interactive scenarios: “The Carpet of Courses”, where four synchro projections recreate an animated naval map on the floor, and “Entering Port”, where the visitor-passenger can scan the horizon through interactive telescopes.

30 video projectors
2 15" screens
12 dvd players
60 loudspeakers
2 I.R. cameras
2 I.R. spotlights
12 PCs for video managing

Concept Fabio Cirifino, Paolo Rosa
Director Paolo Rosa
Director assistant Elisa Giardina Papa
Photography Fabio Cirifino
Video filming Mario Coccimiglio
Underwater video filming Roberto Barbierato
Video editing Antonio Augugliaro, Laura Gatta, Fanny Molteni, Silvia Pellizzari
Graphic processing Gianluca Beccari, Daniele De Palma
Sound and music Tommaso Leddi
Collaboration to sound and music Matteo Erenbourg, Giacomo Porfiri
Interactive and technological system Stefano Roveda
Software development Marco Barsottini, Alberto Massagli Bernocchi, Lorenzo Sarti, Emanuele Siboni, Alessandro Valli
Hardware development Dario Gavezotti, Alberto Massagli Bernocchi
3D graphics Giovanni Civati, Samuele Vacchi
Project coordinator and executive producer Laura D’Amore;
Producer assistants Massimiliano Lo Bosco, Michele Marconi
General production Reiner Bumke
External relationship Delphine Tonglet
Costumes designers Nadia Gozzini, Valentina Di Liddo, Rosina Novello
Make up Laura Sidoli, Assunta Ranieri, Nicole Tomaini
Hair stylists Romana Piolanti, Dante Ferrari

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