Leggio interattivo sulle Alpi Marittime all’interno del Forte di Vinadio


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Permanent multimedia path through the Southern Alps


Vinadio (Cuneo), Forte Albertino, 2007
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The path on the Maritime Alps inside Forte di Vinadio is less to contemplate than to live. Spaces become narrative, containers of collective experiences in which tales proceed on more levels: the educational and teaching component of the museum mingles with the evocative and emotional one, universal history and personal history bind fast.

The title Moving Mountain is an oxymoron inviting us to reject the stereotype of the Alps as something static and withdrawn into itself. This perspective refers on the one hand to the historical role of the Alps as a site for exchange and a crossroads for innovation, techniques, and ideas – more than as a boundary area – and to the future and the possible sustainable developments of the area on the other.

The multimedia path inside Forte di Vinadio includes five thematic areas that stimulate visitors to perceive the mountain as a site for movement: Alps at the Centre, Environment and Territory, Man and the Alps, Valleys as Exchange Junctions, A Civilization Crisis, and Future Frontiers.  About forty multimedia and interactive environments and about sixty video programmes are articulated on two parallel levels – the first an evocative and atmospheric one, the other more informative thanks to the use of multimedia bookrests. The exhibition path ends with an interactive table acting as a lab where the visitor can express his/her view on future projects in the Alps.

58 video programmes
96 loudspeakers
58 PCs
34 interaction interfaces
34 sensors
2 systems for sensitive surfaces
3 Isoclima screens
2 hologram screens

Project byStudio Azzurro
Concept Fabio Cirifino, Elisa Giardina Papa
Director Elisa Giardina Papa
Photography Fabio Cirifino
Video filming Rocco Cirifino, Mario Coccimiglio, Fabio Colazzo
Video editing Silvia Pellizzari, Ileana Cillario, Daniela Bravi, Maria Giovanna Trapani
Video post-production Mauro Macella
Graphic processing Giulia Guarnieri
Graphic processing assistant Francesca Gollo
Sound and music Alberto Morelli, Stefano Scarani – Tangatamanu
Interactive and technological system Stefano Roveda
Software development Marco Barsottini, Lorenzo Sarti
Software development assistants Tommaso Lintrami, Alessandro Pecoraro
Hardware development Alberto Massagli Bernocchi
Technical exhibition stand project Daniele De Palma
Project coordinator and executive producer Laura D’Amore
Executive producer assistant Antonio Bigini, Elisa Midali
General production Reiner Bumke
External relationship Delphine Tonglet

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