DELPHI, a cantata by Studio Azzurro - from a poem by Yannis Ritsos

DELPHI, a cantata / DELFI, cantata

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DELPHI, a cantata / DELFI, cantata

DELPHI, a cantata / DELFI, cantata

Experimental Show


Vicenza, Teatro Olimpico, Conversations 2016, 2016
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I am tired, as if I too belonged to the family of statues and were just as old.

Yannis Ritsos


Offered by Studio Azzurro and Moni Ovadia for the first time in 1990, DELPHI, a cantata stages Yannis Ritsos’ short poem Delphi featuring an original score by di Piero Milesi.

This work was an opportunity for new experiments. Moni Ovadia’s performance begins in the garden of the theatre, accompanying the spectators to the internal terraces. After the lights have faded, the dancers slowly and carefully retrace the construction of the perfect proportions of classical sculpture. Their struggle to achieve this ideal generates a concrete sound, which comes closer and closer to the human voice until it introduces the speech of the old man, a tour guide tired of the constant “showing things without people seeing them”. Moni Ovadia gives voice to this man’s surprisingly contemporary words as he watches the tourists carelessly glide through the unheard ruins of European and Mediterranean history.

3 video projectors
3 Supergobelin tulle fabrics
2 Kinect sensors
2 PCs
sound system
lighting system

New staging made by Studio Azzurro and Moni Ovadia with a choreography by Ariella Vidach and music by Piero Milesi. Commissioned by Conversazioni 2016 Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza and Change Performing Arts.

Artistic and video direction Fabio Cirifino, Laura Marcolini
Photography Fabio Cirifino
Music Piero Milesi
Sound Gioele Cortese
Video editing Alberto Danelli, Silvia Pellizzari
Video post-production Emiliano Neroni
Software and interaction design Federica Rebaudengo
Choreography Ariella Vidach
Dancers Silvia Bastianelli (video), Andrea Dionisi, Francesca Linnea Ugolini
Test poem DELFI by Yannis Ritsos, translated by Nicola Crocetti
Video documentation filming and editing Alberto Danelli
Sound documentation post-production Gioele Cortese

Green screen, sculture classiche e danzatrice per il backstage di Delfi, cantata Teatro classico e backstage di Delfi, cantata Delfi, cantata - Moni Ovadia a teatro e videoproiezioni di architettura classica Danzatori e proiezioni di sculture classiche Delfi, cantata - teatro e proiezioni di sculture classiche