Capitolium - proiezione di una processione notturna


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The Rituals of Day and Night


Brescia, Capitolium Archaeological Area, 2013
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In the Eastern cell of the Capitolium, inside the Archaeological Park in Brescia, Studio Azzurro created a multimedia environment with strong theatrical reminiscences.

An animated model is the main attraction at the centre of the room. Thanks to its interactive margins, it introduces the visitor to the knowledge and the physical and emotional exploration of the archaeological site.

The second element, which is just as relevant, is made of two systems of textile curtains that shut down the sides of the temple’s cell. The surface of these canvases is sensitive to touch and makes it possible for the audience to take active part in their visit. Fluctuating images of ritual processions are projected on them.

A further textile curtain is placed on what is left of the votive altar of the cell as a projection screen, thus creating another evocative surface.

6 video projectors
4 mini MACs
15 capacitive sensors (plastic model)
2 touch sensors (textile curtains)
4 loudspeakers
2 amplifiers

Project by Studio Azzurro
Art director Leonardo Sangiorgi
Project coordinator and executive producer Elisa Midali
Photography and video filming Rocco Cirifino
Video editing and post-production Mauro Macella, Matteo Cellini
Costumes designer Fernanda Menéndez
Music Tommaso Leddi, Alberto Morelli
Interactive system Marco Barsottini
Software development Lorenzo Sarti
IT and hardware development Alberto Massagli Bernocchi
Technical exhibition stand project Daniele De Palma
General production Reiner Bumke

Ambiente multimediale del Parco Archeologico di Brescia Ombre di antichi romani e plastico del Parco Archeologico di Brescia Reperti archeologici e plastico Plastico animato del Parco Archeologico di Brescia Plastico e tenda illuminati Green screen e riprese di donne romane