Installation for the Archaeological and Land Museum in Mamoiada


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Archaeological and Land Museum


Mamoiada (Nuoro), 2014
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MATER, Archaeological and Land Museum, develops in a multimedia and interactive path over three thematic rooms.

The first room is dedicated to the history of the Mamoiada area, to its geography and its invisible dimension, i.e., to the hidden, unknown aspects of a land that welcomed different peoples. The room offers a view on a land that asks itself questions about the mysteries that surround it. The audience is invited to delve into a new narration, that goes beyond information we are sure of to reach a deeper awareness of the identity of this place.

The two following rooms are dedicated to the citizens of Mamoiada, to their tales and memory: they are the first-person narrators of their land and they offer fragments of their personal histories that, with the same dignity as official history, epitomize the identity of the area.

4 video projectors
1 42” touch screen
6 loudspeakers
1 amplifier

Project by Studio Azzurro
Concept Paolo Rosa
Director Paolo Rosa
Photography Fabio Cirifino
Video filming Mario Coccimiglio
Video editing Silvia Pellizzari
Video post-production Francesco Deiana
Sound and music Tommaso Leddi
Tests by Lidia Decandia
Interactive and technological system Marco Barsottini
Software development Marco Barsottini, Lorenzo Sarti
Hardware development Alberto Massagli Bernocchi
Technical exhibition stand project Daniele De Palma
Project coordinator and executive producer Elisa Midali
Executive producer assistant Donatella Cau
General production Reiner Bumke

Forme incise su roccia e disegno del progetto per MATER Museo dell'Archeologia e del Territorio Mappe, installazione interattiva e disegno del progetto Installazione video con proiezione di uomini anziani Testimonianza e video interattivo Green screen, riprese all'aperto e in studio