Interactive table about cinema and Rimini area


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An interactive map of people and places from the province of Rimini as seen through cinema


Rimini, 2008
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The Charting Table represents the territory of the province of Rimini, and makes it possible for the audience to explore it interactively. Its navigation brings out one of the elements that distinguish these areas, i.e., the cinematographic imagination in its connection to places and people. Works by great authors from Italian cinema, which reinvent the image of the territory, generate a map that reconstructs a complex imagery between the real and the fantastic, capable of representing the personality of this land. It is a story made up of evocative and symbolic images, which, however, does not renounce geographical and historical indications.

A map of the province and a film appear on a large tilted surface. Visitors can wave their hands to scroll through the frames, each of which refers to a different film sequence. By stopping the sequence and dragging the frame towards the centre of the surface, they can pull out one piece and watch it come alive on the screen. The map, too, is surfable, and connected to the film, which becomes an index to sequences about the territory. Each of them represents a particular topos, both from a geographical and from a narrative point of view. This geography of films is fun to watch, but it is also capable of strongly reconstructing some unique features of the province of Rimini.

Film and the ability to move, stop, slow down and move images directly refer to the language of film editing. This time, however, this language is used by visitors themselves, for with their gestures they combine sequences, connect places and simply generate their own movie about the territory.

2 video projectors
4 audio speakers
1 PC
1 sensitive table

Project by Studio Azzurro
Concept Paolo Rosa
Collaboration in the project Marco Barsottini
Director Paolo Rosa
Video editing Ileana Cillario, Davide Gatti
Graphic processing Daniele De Palma
Software development Lorenzo Sarti, Giulio Pernice
IT - hardware development Alberto Bernocchi Massagli, Alessandro Pecoraro
Set design Renato Bragadini
Script editing Chiara Ligi
Project coordinator and executive producer Chiara Ligi
General production Reiner Bumke
External relationship Delphine Tonglet