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Hannover, "CeBIT", 2001
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Moving clouds appear in a maze of glass as evanescent and constantly changing interweaving vapours. Visitors move among transparent walls and transform images as they puff on them, giving life and unleashing figures – clouds cut into silhouettes – accompanied by equally unstable sounds.

The public activates a metamorphosis of movements and encounters: this is how Cloud, an interactive work that recalls the idea of communication in the age of immateriality, comes alive. Cloud represents new ways of virtual relationship and the constant search for expression typical of the contemporary world, but it manifests itself in forms that evoke older, even archaic ways of communicating. The projected images are ancient smoke signals, but they become a metaphor for the technological attitude that characterizes our time and habits. Bodies, words, and objects are caught in rapid fragments: these elusive images build the whole of a great cloud of thought imbued with a sense of transience.

6 video projectors
18 85x240 switchable-density glass plates
simulated vapour
puff interfaces

Concept Fabio Cirifino, Paolo Rosa, Leonardo Sangiorgi
Director Paolo Rosa
Photography Fabio Cirifino
Shooting Mario Coccimiglio
Video editing Mara Colombo
3D graphics Federica Borsese, Claudio Molinari, Stefano Roveda
Sound and music Riccardo Castaldi
Interactive and technological system Stefano Roveda
Software development Orf Quarenghi
Hardware development Dario Gavezotti
Choreography Davide Sgalippa
Performers gruppo teatrale “L’Arrocco”: (D. Consoli, A. Manera, E. Mendini, M. Sgalippa)
Project coordinator and executive producer Adele Maria Costantini
Executive producer assistant Valentina De Marchi
General production Reiner Bumke

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