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Scenes from urban life


Milan, Triennale, 2003
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Stemming from international research conducted by Ezio Manzini and François Jégou, this exhibition reflects on the possible answers to questions about sustainable society. The temporary path focuses on the future of living and on different ways of living that are opening up new possibilities and raising new questions. Visitors are called upon to make their own opinions and judgement.

In accordance with the topic, the design of this exhibition provides sustainable solutions from both the point of view of the staging and the relational one, choosing an interactive and participatory approach. The path opens with a visual reflection on contemporary living: an installation composed of several synchronized screens reproduces scenes from the life of a great metropolis. The problematic elements of this reality are analysed in a workshop in the second stage of the itinerary, which introduces the theme of the sustainable city. Six large “glass windows” are used as projection surfaces to present numerous design examples answering practical questions about everyday life: how do you prepare food? How do you study? How do you move around? How do you use energy? Visitors can choose the answers and ways of life that best represent them by using voting cards. In the last part of the exhibition, the summary of their choices will be compared to those of other visitors. A large virtual globe, which turns and changes according to the indications given by all participants, invites to consider our global attitude towards sustainability together.

1 synched scenery featuring 6 projections
10 tables featuring 10 OHPs
6 projections on “glass windows” and multi-level screens
6 card-reading and voting booths
3 booths for card examination featuring a touch screen, cameras, and printers
1 projection on a styrofoam semisphere

Project by Studio Azzurro
Scientific direction Ezio Manzini, François Jégou
Concept Paolo Rosa, Stefano Roveda
Collaboration in the project Maria Battistella, Daniele De Palma, Ismaele De Pas, Elisa Giardina Papa
Director Paolo Rosa
Photography Fabio Cirifino
Shooting Mario Coccimiglio, Rocco Cirifino
Video editing Mara Colombo, Fanny Molteni
Sound and music Tommaso Leddi
Sound and music assistants Matteo Eremburg, Giacomo Porfiri
Software development Giovanni Civati, Luca Corti, F. Minzoni, F. Paratici, Emanuele Siboni, S Vacchi
IT and hardware Dario Gavezzotti
Technical exhibition stand project Mario Piazza
Project coordinator and executive producer DelphineTonglet
General production Reiner Bumke

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