Portatori di storie ( storyteller )

Ambiente sensibile

Santa Fe, Biennale Internazionale, Lucky Number Seven, 2008

The idea here is that of shaping a “sensitive map” of the territory to be created through storytelling and indications coming from filmed characters and enriched by the viewers’ gestures. Such map will suggest readings and interpretations of landscape through invisible folds, symbolic significances, and personal paths. This work was designed for field creation, i.e., to be made by directly recurring to the local people’s images and stories. In this particular – but not exclusive – case, natives were addressed because of the importance of the culture of territory in their civilization and history. About forty people were summoned and filmed as protagonists of the stories and of the interactive system.


Descrizione tecnica

6 video projectors, 1 sensitive wall


Concept Paolo Rosa
Collaboration at the project Marco Barsottini, Elisa Giardina Papa
Directed by Elisa Giardina
Photography Fabio Cirifino
Video editing Silvia Pellizzari, Chiara Longo
Video Post-productionMauro Macella
Interactive and technological system Marco Barsottini, Stefano Roveda, Lorenzo Sarti
Software development Marco Barsottini, Lorenzo Sarti
General production Reiner Bumke
Collaboration at the General production Elisa Midali
External collaboration Delphine Tonglet