Story Bearers

Ambiente sensibile

Shanghai, Italian Pavillion, EXPO, 2010

«When a traveller reaches Sensitive City after a long journey, s/he will have to stop and touch the first passer-by s/he meets. Such passer-by, just like the “indicators” of ancient times, will take the traveller’s hand and show him/her how the delicate, intangible nature of the city settles in the incorporeity of its spaces. He will indicate the city of wind, of water, of silence… which will coincide with memories, dreams, and desires. By following different paths, the traveller will discover cities rolled up in one another. S/he will chase multiple roads that will unravel like many balls of wool thrown on the ground, working their way into crevices, shadows, and the variegated, wrinkled body of the city.» Sensitive City was specifically requested for the Italian Pavilion at the Universal Exposition in Shanghai which took place in 2010. The idea follows in the wake of the great tradition of imagined cities, from Tommaso Campanella’s City of the Sun to Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. However, this city is not meant to last as a doubtful model or a mere literary creation; it is ideal because it is not there yet, but it could be in the future. Syracuse, Matera, Lucca, Chioggia, Trieste… they are different from each other and you need to visit them all several times to be able – perhaps – to depict them. Finally, a new interest surfaces, i.e. that of using the idea of a dystopic city to offer stimuli and terms of comparison, and to beget a vision of the look of cities in the near future.

Descrizione tecnica

11 videoprojectors, 2 Mac Pro, 7 Mac Mini, 4 Holopro screen, 6 scenery flat, interactive sisytem using IR camera


Concept Marco Barsottini, Fabio Cirifino, ELisa Giardina Papa, Paolo Rosa, Stefano Roveda
Directors Elisa Giardina Papa, Paolo Rosa
Photography Fabio Cirifino
Video filming Rocco Cirifino
Video post production Mauro Macella
Graphic processing Francesca Gollo
Interactive and technological system Marco Barsottini, Stefano Roveda
Software development Giulio Pernice, Lorenzo Sarti
Sounds and music Tommaso Leddi
Script Editor Ornella Costanzo
Technical exhibition and stand project Daniele De Palma, Marco Barsottini, Stefano Roveda
Project co-cordinator Carmen Leopardi
Executive production Ornella Costanzo, Carmen Leopardi
General production Reiner Bumke
External relationship Daniela Mezzela, Delphine Tonglet
Curated by offiCina Beijing