Bitonto, Biennale Internazionale Francesco Speranza: La pietra e i luoghi, 1990

This is a simple installation, with a very limited use of technology, that makes use of optical refraction. Ten monitors arranged as pairs in such a way that each forms a ninety degree angle. The screens are reflected the one in the other forming overlaid images. On the right hand screen the hand of a sculptor holds a chisel and repeatedly chips a piece of stone; on the left hand monitor slow panning shots of a series of details of freezes and bas-reliefs recorded in the same town of Bitonto where the installation is set up. In the play of mirror images it would appear that each image intends to shape the one next to it. The sharp, rhythmical sound of the five chisels accompanies a feeling of intense and concentrated labour. The carved works that appear to come out of this procedure seem to be the result of a balanced relationship between the resistance of the stone and the gesture of man, between nature and culture.

Descrizione tecnica

6 videoprograms, 10 monitors


Project Fabio Cirifino, Leonardo Sangiorgi
Directed by Leonardo Sangiorgi
Photography Fabio Cirifino
Video shooting Mario Coccimiglio
Cinzia Rizzo video editing