DELFI (study for sound, voice, video and dark)

Stage show


Parma, Festival Teatro 2, 1990
Scarica pdf

Emptiness, silence, but above all, darkness. The scene goes black so your eyes cannot make out what is there. Two screens are connected to two infrared cameras, and they move like eyes, and their movements guide the spectator through the darkness, following the actor’s every move, trying to make sense of a space which is full of statues who are waiting to return to a new level of perception, to a new form of sensitivity. A drama which aims at simplification, at what is essential, at sacrifice. In an attempt to force the profane aspects of technology within the confines of poetry.

Descrizione tecnica

2 videos, 2 streaming videos, 2 displays, 2 IR cameras


Production Teatro 2, Parma
Concept Fabio Cirifino, Piero Milesi, Moni Ovadia, Paolo Rosa
Director Paolo Rosa da un testo di Ghiannis Ritsos
Director assistant Luca Scarzella
Photography and Light Designer Fabio Cirifino
Camera operator Mario Coccimiglio
IR streaming cameras Riccardo Apuzzo, Elmar Bartlmae, Maryo Ferwerda
Video editing Cinzia Rizzo
Original sound and music Piero Milesi
Collaboration sound and music composition Davide Rosa
Actor Moni Ovadia
Executive production Carola Aricò