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Sounds, images, colours, tastes. Everything in his prodigious mind is transformed into a world where there is no boundary between reality and image”. First violinist in the orchestra of a big city, ‘S’ is gifted with an xtraordinary memory which enables him to remember every single detail of everything that he sees happen. He decides to consult ‘L’, an internationally-renowned psychologist, when one day he is unable to read a music score because all the notes on it, as he looks at them, just explode into brightly-coloured moving dots. The relationship between patient and therapist evolves over thirty years, going through highs and lows, during which ‘S’ also goes on stage in theatre and cabaret shows of the time as a Mnemonist. Inspired by a real case study described in 1965 by the neuropsychologist A Lurija, the film is a fascinating journey through the mysteries and gifts of the human mind.

Descrizione tecnica

Film length  90', 35 mm, colour


Screenplay by Lara Fremder, Paolo Rosa
Direction Paolo Rosa
Director collaboration Alina Marazzi, Tina Porcelli, Davide Sgalippa
Director of photography Fabio Cirifino
Camera operator Riccardo Apuzzo
In collaboration with Giuliano CortiOperator help Aldo Anselmino
Assistants operator Massimo Foletto, Francesco Gallo
Set Designer Stefano Gargiulo, Esther Musatti
Giulia Gentile Edition
Video Editing by Jacopo Quadri
Phonic Claudio Morra
Sound editor Daniela Bassani
Music Luca Francesconi
Special Effects Coordinator Stefano Roveda
Actors Sandro Lombardi, Roberto Herlitzka, Sonia Bergamasco, Sergio Bini, Cristina Proserpio, Pietro Lombardi, Ermanna Montanari
Costumes Designer Bettina Pontiggia
Makeup Laura Sidoli
Realization of Mnemo dairy Giuseppe Baresi
Executive Producer Sabina Uberti-Bona
General Production Daniele Maggioni, Gianfilippo Pedote