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A fantastic, surreal story which has no reference in time or space. A tour round the word “miracle”, observed in the film through the ironic lens of Yiddish culture. During the interval at a concert, while the impatient sounds of the audience reaches the dressing rooms, the musicians are desperately searching for one of their colleagues who has mysteriously disappeared. This musician’s disappearance is the first of many. As we go on, all the members of the orchestra will gradually and inexplicably be sucked up into the invisible, along with all the members of the audience. The only survivor is the protagonist of the film: as narrator of the story he is responsible for the disappearances, the only trace of the missing people is their shoes…

Descrizione tecnica

duration 30 ', 35mm, color


Synopsis and screenplay Lara Fremder, Paolo Rosa
Director Paolo Rosa
Director collaboration Lara Fremder, Paolo Ranieri
Director of photography Fabio Cirifino
Camera operator Giuseppe Baresi
Operator assistant Massimo Foletto, Giovanni Galli
Phonic Roberto Mozzarelli
Set Designer Francesca Iacopini, Esther Musatti
Video Editing by Jacopo Quadri
Traditional music Moni Ovadia, Theater Orchestra
Actors Moni Ovadia, Davide Casali, Maurizio Dehò, Luca Garlaschelli, Alfredo Lacosegliaz, Giampietro Marazza
Production Manager Sergio Oliva
Executive Producers Lionello Cerri, Daniele Maggioni