Videoenvironment for RX images


Milan, Fondazione Mudima, "Studio Azzurro: videoambienti 1982/1992", 1992
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Travel almost always implies a desire for deep inner change, a need for new experiences or a return to ones origins. But this is a journey in reverse, a voyage turned on its head. It is not the people who leave. Instead, the travelling is done by objects, symbols, wishes, memories. The x-ray images flow unceasingly within the screens, cold and incisive. The objects flow and, together with them, nightmares, aims, hopes, each with their own halo of human experience, their own aura of history which is maybe our own.

Descrizione tecnica

8 monitors, 1 videoprojector, 2 video programs, X-ray images, suitcases


Project Fabio Cirifino, Paolo Rosa
Director Paolo Rosa
Director of photography Fabio Cirifino
Camera operator Mario Coccimiglio
Film editing Cinzia Rizzo