Taormina, Parco della Villa comunale, Taormina Arte, 1990
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“On a weather map, a small cross-shaped pointer shifts and points out the desired position, describing paths, trajectories, singling out places, exploring seas, forests, deserts, cities with great assuredness and ostentation. Then this small dot, this winged cross that appears to have the shape of an Icarus speads it’s wax wings and slips away from the imposed coordinates, disappears off the screen, escaping from our will”. An incident, similar to a mythological evocation? Or an escape into fiction similar to that perpetrated by the character Icarus created by Raymond Queneau? In the park of the Villa Comunale in Taormina, in a circular space a cross like sign is discovered, made up of twenty four monitors. The cross bears an imprint of the sequence of spaces crossed: stone, river, desert, fiery landscapes. Images stolen during the great escape. Nearby, there’s a mound of lava stone and one of salt onto which the reconstruction of the itinerary of the great pointer is video-projected as it erases the satellite images.

Descrizione tecnica

24 monitors, videoprojector, satellite images, lava stones


Project Fabio Cirifino, Paolo Rosa, Leonardo Sangiorgi
Director Paolo Rosa
Director collaboration Luca Scarzella
Director of photography Fabio Cirifino
Camera operator Giuseppe Baresi
Camera operator collaboration Mario Coccimiglio
Film editing Cinzia Rizzo
Music and sound design Roberto Musci, Giovanni Venosta