Bari, ex convento di Santa Scolastica, “Artronica”, 1987
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In the darkness of the halls of the exconvent of Santa Scolastica, a number of light beams scour the coarse architectural surfaces. They seem to be searching for something, or perhaps they are trying to bring something to life with the intensity of their light. Rows of monitors arranged side by side along the paths of light reproduce the surfaces examined by the lamps, matching their movements and revealing every minute detail. The light and its rhythmical movement (back and forth) become the catalysts and progressively force the material to remember and to tell its story, as if the architecture preserved traces of the events and gestures it had witnessed. In the “frottage” performed by the light, the characters of this piece suddenly appear. They are neither actors nor ghosts, but stone characters: solid and stationary figures frozen in fixed positions for centuries that come back to life in the dialogue orchestrated by the video cameras.

Descrizione tecnica

4 video programs, 10 monitors, synchronised lights


Project Fabio Cirifino, Paolo Rosa, Leonardo Sangiorgi
Director Leonardo Sangiorgi
Director of photography Fabio Cirifino
Camera operator Giuseppe Baresi
Camera operator collaboration Mario Coccimiglio
Film editing David Martinez