Florence, Fortezza da Basso, 1983
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Four columns, each made up of four monitors, act like “hourglasses” moving the objects up from one video to another and changing them in the process. The fire that fills the bottom screen becomes a thin line of flame in the one above, which runs into a red thread on the third television which then, in the fourth, forms a kind of net that is continually woven and then undone. And, like fire, the other three elements making up the video installation are there: water, light and air. The incessant weaving and unravelling of the four coloured threads, and the unceasing energy of the natural elements, generate constant motion that crosses the screens and holds them there, one inside the other. “The relentless appearance of these small vibrations, slight changes and surreptitious musical refrains shifts our gaze from one screen to the other along a hypnotic circular route.” These continuous, linear hourglasses measure the infinite time of their own metamorphosis. The television casings no longer give the impression of being vacuum-packed containers of images and sounds: it is as if a tiny aperture has opened up communications between them, generating a lasting possibility, a machine made of gestures and sounds.

Descrizione tecnica

6 video programs, 16 monitors


Project Fabio Cirifino, Paolo Rosa, Leonardo Sangiorgi
Director Leonardo Sangiorgi
Director of photograpy Fabio Cirifino
Camera operator Giuseppe Baresi
Film editing Leonardo Sangiorgi
Music and sound design Davide Rosa