Ambiente sensibile

Milan, pavilion Intesa Sanpaolo, EXPO Milano 2015, 2015

The Moving Horizon is a curtain-like work created by Studio Azzurro for the Pavilion of Banca Intesa Sanpaolo at Milan’s Expo in 2015. As the ideal borderline between earth and sky, the horizon effectively represents the difference between what is made and what is yet to be made; as a goal, it is mobile, never final, and it reflects our drive to discover and go past what we know. A mosaic of different and perfectly lined-up landscapes is projected on big screens, thus creating a continuous scenery of Italian visions that captures the gaze: from Trentino to Sicily, our land unfolds as a unifying element and as an expression of our country’s common good. A simple gesture is enough to activate the micro-narratives hidden by the presence of small animals projected on the floor, almost as if they had slipped out of those natural landscapes. When you lift them you change the looks of the scenery until an unexpected visual surprise is revealed. Once the horizon dissolves, visitors are immersed in the story of Banca Intesa’s engagement in the social and cultural growth of Italy – from the preservation of artistic heritage to support to musical and theatrical productions, and to great and small Italian companies that made themselves praiseworthy for their outstanding and innovative performances.

Descrizione tecnica

1 Software management with bluRay reader
8 Macmini
4 pairs of speakers
7 directional speakers
4 ampli 2ch
7 audio mixer Makie 402-VLZ3
7 video projectors 12.000AL
7 projectors 7.000AL
7 Kinect type sensors


Concept and Art Direction Fabio Cirifino, Leonardo Sangiorgi 
Musics and sound design Tommaso Leddi, Alberto Morelli 
video filming Riccardo Apuzzo, Stefania Bona, Simone Bacchin, Rocco Cirifino, Mario Coccimiglio, Laura Marcolini, Virginia Sangiorgi 
Video editing Marco Carati, Silvia Pellizzari
Editing and Graphic Animation Mara Colombo 
Post production video Mauro Macella 
audio recordings Franco Parravicini
Technical design project Daniele De Palma
interactive systems CamerAnebbia
project Coordinator Carmen Leopardi, Ornella Costanzo  
Executive Producer Ornella Costanzo  
Production Assista Valentina Di Liddo

The contents were realised thanks to the collaboration with:

Accademia del Teatro alla Scala, I Luoghi del Cuore - FAI Fondo Ambiente Italiano, Festival Mozart, Fondazione per la Cultura Torino, Festival di Spoleto, Gallerie d’Italia Piazza della Scala (Milano), Gallerie d’Italia Palazzo Leoni Montanari (Vicenza), Gallerie d’Italia Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano (Napoli), MITO SettembreMusica, Piano City Milano, Piccolo Teatro di Milano, Basilica di San Francesco d’Assisi, Restituzioni. Progetto Intesa Sanpaolo, Rossini Opera Festival, Teatro alla Scala, Teatro Regio di Torino, Teatro di San Carlo di Napoli, TorinoDanza Festival, Fondazione per la Cultura Torino, Torino Jazz Festival, Fondazione per la Cultura Torino, Artemide, Azienda Agricola F.lli Lapietra, Azienda Agricola Il Boscasso, Buccellati, Cantine Settesoli, Cascina Madera, Cascina Molino di Sotto, Cascina Santa Brera, Fornace Anfora, Kiton, Imperia & Monferrina, Laboratori-atelier Ansaldo del Teatro alla Scala, Loccioni Group, Novamont, Pastificio Gentile, Robonica