ISSE, il cerchio

a show for Dancing, Gestures and Video Storytelling


Milan, Teatro dell'Arte, aspettando Contaminafro, 2015

As a very young man, Cameroonian Lazare Ohandja attended the long ritual widows were exposed to in his home country. He was so impressed that the idea of turning it into a show stayed with him for many years; he wanted this story to epitomize the issue of women’s subjugation and of the social and psychological pressure they have to suffer. When Lazare met Studio Azzurro, they created a show together in co-production with Milan’s CRT (Centre for Theatrical Research). This work is based on universal languages: the shared universe of human body language, choreography, visual communication, and music originally coming from specific African areas. In a direct, experimental way, the show professedly draws on pre-logical thinking, the existence of which is still patent through the persistence of some traditions and of the behaviours that result from them.

Descrizione tecnica

4 black screens from rear projection, 300x300cm 
4 videoprojectors
6 environment microphones
2 wireless microphones 
light system


Project Mo ‘O Me Ndama, Studio Azzurro
Set designer Lazare Ohandja (Mo ‘O Me Ndama)
Con Lazare Ohandja, Britta Oling e Rufin Doh
Video Artistic Director Fabio Cirifino, Laura Marcolini
Postproduction video Lisa Cartuccia
Video Broadcasting Matteo Massocco (CRT Milano)
Light designer Marco D’Amico (CRT Milano)
Musicians Edmond Ayissi Etogo, Daniel Kollé Seme
Sounds Gioele Cortese
Costumes designer Andrea Zorba, Maria Lucia Lapolla
Project Co-ordinator Valentina Bellinaso (Mo ‘O Me Ndama)
Set and multimedia production Valentina Tescari (CRT Milano)
Canera operator and constructor Danilo Tamburini (CRT Milano)
Camera operator Marcelo Guerra (CRT Milano)
electricians Stefano Bardelli (CRT Milano)
Production delegate Jacopo Dalla Palma (CRT Milano)
Partner technical NeoTech
Production CRT Milano, Mo ‘O Me Ndama, Studio Azzurro