Sensitive environment in four parts

Ambiente sensibile

Venice, Italy, Santa Sede Pavillion, Arsenale, Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte Biennale, 2013

The work created for the Vatican Pavilion deals with the topic of Creation and offers itself to the visitor as the container for a cosmos that has only just been unveiled. This “sensitive environment” was specifically designed for this exhibition in Venice. It is an interactive installation made of stone slabs (three vertical and a horizontal one) where some characters are projected; the viewer will summon them by gesturing with his/her hand. Each story – be it in words or images – comes from people whose experience of space and time is constrained on an everyday basis (convicts) or people who are linguistically impaired (deaf). The first search for an ideal reunion with the myth of our origins as they go over their genealogy, while the latter shape the space in front of them through the trails of gestures that describe elements from the animal and vegetable kingdoms. 
The central horizontal slab initially looks like a blank blackboard but it gradually becomes a repository for relationships, for it collects the gestures deriving from interaction in an accumulation of entities made of light, tenuous machinery that constantly recreates a universe yet to be deciphered. 
Asked to get in touch with the characters to activate their stories, the viewer will activate his or her own as an echo, thus overcoming the formal value of the work to actually sink into the concept of origin. This process will revive such concept through the experience of relationship, thus contributing to produce a work precisely made of experience and not of sheer representation.

Descrizione tecnica

4 sensitive stone slabs, 4 video projectors, 4 computers, 5 audio speakers, 4 IR systems for sensitive surfaces, 1 showlite


Directed by Paolo Rosa
Photography Fabio Cirifino
Collaborated at the direction Laura Marcolini
Project co-ordinator and executive producer Chiara Ligi
Interactive system Marco Barsottini
Video Post production Mauro Macella
Technical exhibition stand  project Daniele De Palma
Software development Lorenzo Sarti
Camera operator Mario Coccimiglio
Sound and Musics Tommaso Leddi, Alberto Morelli