The Dialogue of Lights from Day to Night


Minori (SA), Italy, Villa Romana, Project "Ozi Marittimi", 2012

There is a continuity between our present lives and those of the ancients that used to live here. In an ideal temporal gash, life is still graceful and serene; these spaces are still inhabited, and gestures, sounds and actions take place according to their natural rhythm, as light changes in the passing of each day’s hours. Created in the Roman Villa of Minori, Continuum Vitae is the first of the possible instances in the Ozi Marittimi (‘Maritime Leisures’) Project. The project is based on two cores: the first one being the show that took place outside the Villa at the end of April 2012, and the second being the permanent multimedia path created inside the site. The show was a multimedia theatrical opera in four parts with a prologue and an epilogue; it was staged in the yard of the Villa. The permanent multimedia path makes it possible for people to interact with installations showing extracts from the multimedia staging. Some representative rooms will make you experience a few parts of the show by means of footage and sound recordings which recount the most meaningful moments in the typical everyday activities of a Maritime Villa on the Amalfi coast.

Descrizione tecnica

Multimedia theatrical opera in 4 parts (one night): 2 videoprojectors 7000 AL, 2 videoprojectors 12000 AL, 3 videoprojectors 5000 AL, 1 light mixer, 1 light dimmer, 8 radio microphones, 1 audio mixer, 4 powered audio speaker, 2 Mac Pro, 2 luminaire profiles 1000w, 7 simm. fludd luminaires 500w, 6 luminaires PAR 1000w

6 interactive videoinstallations: 6 videoprojectors 5000 AL, 6 videoplayers HD, 6 Arduino, 4 audio speaker, 4 amplifier, 5 luminaire profiles, 10 superlut, 1 light dimmer, 150 mt LED stripe


Concept Studio Azzurro (Leonardo Sangiorgi) 
Artistic Director Leonardo Sangiorgi
Photography Fabio Cirifino
Interactive and technological system Marco Barsottini
Project co-ordinator and executive producer Chiara Ligi
Technical exhibition stand project Micol Riva
Video post production Matteo Cellini, Mauro Macella
Original sounds and music Tommaso Leddi e Alberto Morelli (Tangatamanu - Dissòi Lògoi)
Audio Recording Franco Parravicini presso Dissòi Lògoi home studio
Video filming Rocco Cirifino
Broadcasting manager Marco Barsottini 
Set and costumes designer Fernanda Menendez
Actors Il Proscenio
Production Assistant Le Muse società cooperativa
Executive production Reiner Bumke
Set production Fabio Paradiso, Peppe Cerillo, Maria Elena Stellato