IL NUOTATORE (va troppo spesso ad Heidelberg)



Venice, Palazzo Fortuny, 1984
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Everything is seemingly calm: a blue tinted atmosphere and an embracing sound/track welcome the spectator. The monitors, placed side by side, are crossed by the repetitive and weary strokes of the swimmer as he moves tirelessly from one screen to another. The installation was created using twelve video cameras lined along the edge of a swimming pool, flush with the surface of the water. We see a swimmer who, with repeated, laboured strokes, “moves across” each adjacent television screens. A hundred microevents (a falling ball, a sinking anchor...) are inserted into the main scene and remain relegated to the individual screens. It is through this alternation of events that the first live spectator participation in the installation is achieved, a trait that would later become the hallmark of Studio Azzurro’s work. The spectator isnot required to follow a narrative thread, but becomes part of the event that unfolds in that particular instant and will never be the same again.

Descrizione tecnica

12 synchronised video programs, 24 monitors, 1 electronic clock


Concept Fabio Cirifino, Paolo Rosa, Leonardo Sangiorgi
Director Paolo Rosa
Photography Fabio Cirifino
Camera operator Giuseppe Baresi
Camera operator collaboration Gianni Basso, Armando Bertacchi, Massimo Folletto, Walter Grazzani
Film editing Paolo Rosa
Music and sound editing Peter Gordon
Set design Flavio Albanese
Performer Aurelio Gravina